16 Reasons as to Why Landscaping is Important.


An expert who has knowledge in Landscaping, Ornamental indoor and outdoor plants production and maintenance, can secure contracts to carry out landscape designs. A landscaper can also maintain hedges, weed flower beds and mow loans periodically in several residential estates. Hence urban residents have no need of a gardener to do all the maintenance work.

It is important to note that  Ornamental indoor and outdoor plants form a major portion of the landscaping sector. These plants together with landscaping play a very important role in the following ways :
1.They improve the physical appearance of an institution or property.
2.They maybe used to partition indoor environments, for instance vines maybe used to separate sitting area from the dinning area in a living room.
3. They filter air especially in indoor environments by taking up Carbon dioxide  during photosynthesis and emitting Oxygen.
4.Ornamental indoor plants improve the appearance of indoor environments increasing the morale of workers in such offices.


5.They protect property from harsh environmental elements such as direct winds or sun.
6. They are used to shield away areas undesirable for public viewing such as animal sheds or sanitation areas.
7. They modify the micro-climate of a landscaped area. Trees planted around an institution in a desert are likely to release rain into the desert.
8.Ornamental indoor and outdoor plants improve the public image or reputation of an institution or a home.


9. Provide privacy from surrounding environment.
10. They increase the value of property.
11.They help demarcate boundaries from properties between neighbours.
12.Urban ornamental nurseries are important because they avail a wide variety of plants for use by the landscaping sector.
13.Urban ornamental nurseries are also a source of income for municipalities from the monthly levies received from them.
14.Provide jobs for the ornamental crop nursery attendants and owners.
15.Ornamental plants are used in conserving the environment. When planted on sloppy areas, ornamental ground covers slow down water run-off speed slowing down soil erosion.
16.There is a young branch of ornamental  and landscape Horticulture whereby raising of ornamental plants is done by patients in hospice hospitals; this branch of Horticulture is referred to as Human issues in Horticulture.
Vocational Horticulture is practised in homes for the aged people.
Hey guys , I hope you are convinced as to Why Landscaping is important for your environment and homestead. Do not hesitate but make your surrounding a  small heaven on earth.
Until next time.


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