Flower Colours and their Meanings.


Ever asked yourself why a pink flower colour was never used for valentine’s day? Well, there is a big reason for that and sooner or later you gonna find out why.
The various flower colours you see around you are always associated with specific meanings as follows:
– White  flower colour symbolises purity. It is the colour most bridal gowns are made of and the colour used most in weddings.
-Pink flower colour is associated with female gender or baby girls birthday flower arrangement gifts.
-Blue flower colour stands for or is  associated with male gender or baby boys birthday flower arrangement gifts.
-A red flower colour stands for love, an emotional relationship between two lovers.
-There is the yellow flower colour, a resemblance of gold which does not burn to ashes but high heat refines it.
The yellow colour signifies divorce, end of a love affair or separation. It’s also used as the main colour in funerals. It is associated with Easter; the death and resurrection of Christ.
The yellow colour has also been used to signify eternity, life after death.
In this festive season, being a month of December, Christmas is fast approaching and just around the corner. Most cut flower colours used for the Christmas  occasion  are Red,White and Green plus Potted Chrysanthemum.
Hope that has added your knowledge on flower colours and their Meanings right!?

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