Significance of Ornamental Trees in a Landscape.


Trees are the most useful plants in a landscape due to many reasons and here is why:
– They provide shade in a landscape  thus modifying the micro-climate in a landscaped area.
-Some trees such as the eucalyptus species are known to greatly reduce water level in swampy areas.
-When planted besides houses, they help frame the house.
-Some trees are excellent soil conservers especially on slopy areas.
-They are useful in providing a background for a building in a landscape.
-Some tree species when closely planted maybe useful as a hedge.
-Ornamental trees are useful in marking boundaries of property between neighbours.
-Some trees are medicinal such as the quinone species, mwarubaini, sandal-wood and moringa species.
They are a source of income if used as a source of fuel wood or timber for the construction sector.
-Fruit trees cum ornamental trees such as avocado, syzygium and mangoes provide fruits.
-Trees provide fodder for livestock  such as the calliandra spp.


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