Do you even care?

img_20160330_075352.jpgIn the rat race to be the next dollar billionaire, seems everyone has forgotten about their immediate environment. We are living in cities and sub-urban areas that are full of

  •  Stinking uncollected garbage.
  • Leaking drainage systems.
  • Few or scarce dustbins that are unequally distributed to throw away plastic materials by individual users.
  • Graffiti on our public walls.
  • Avoidance of public footpaths and stepping on the mowed green lawns.
  • Pissing on walls even when graffiti speaks on the contrary.
  • Dumping litter at undeserved public spots.
  • Car owners and Passenger Serving Vehicles throwing fruit peelings, paper wraps, juice bottles over the window in a moving vehicle.
  • Pieces of litter everywhere.

Given that we have no public environment prefects, our immediate environment remains pathetic, grotesque and poses a health risk to human lives.Suddenly, everyone has become insensitive to their immediate environment.In his ‘State of the Nation Address’ President Uhuru Kenyatta received a lot of  jeers by Members of Parliament on the poor Report Card submitted by his government to the nation. One major issue was garbage collection in cities . County government themselves have not done much in taking care of the environment. Apart from purchasing of garbage trucks to deposit litter at allocated sites much is yet to be achieved. A single garbage truck, even two cannot efficiently attend to litter dumping in the sub-urban areas within a county.

More so, tough measures should be put in place to punish them that deliberately  throw litter anywhere, any place at anytime. Graffiti is still read from afar off. It is time we got rid of a culture that erodes the significant gains we have made as a society in terms of preserving our environment for our future generations. It is obvious to everyone that a  clean tidy home is attractive and enjoyable staying in; same applies to a city or major town. We will not be able to welcome visitors in our towns , when they are in a sorry, dirt-looking state. In the long run our economies will hurt bad because there will be no foreign exchange brought by the vibrant tourism industry. Tourists love and enjoy beautiful land well crafted towns and cities. On the same knot a dirty environment, full of garbage will create diseases brought about by disease vectors such as mosquitoes that cause Malaria and transmission of other diseases.

Upon such like an environment, healthy living will be a cliché because our hospitals  and Public health officers will have lost the battle already. Garbage forms a conducive breeding ground for insects to breed and multiply. Investors will not come running to a dirty city full of garbage and litter everywhere. Their businesses and investments will be threatened because of unsafe drinking water and poor garbage collection systems.Their products will not sell to their peak because of a dirty environment with questionable manufacturing and processing environments. In such a state our young population and graduates will lack jobs if we continue living in a dirty environment. Investors and multi-nationals  will not dare set foot in unclean  environment for production. It is therefore the responsibility of every single individual to ensure a clean  environment around them.

In the same way, our soils will be a sham, not worthy for any landscaping activity because of dumping chlorofluorocarbons and non-decomposing materials on the ground over a long period of time; this destroys our soil structure and makes any type of farming impossible.Once everyone learns the importance of keeping the environment clean, new values will have been incorporated in our lives. People will learn to be responsible in supporting their environment. People will take the initiative to create awareness about the importance of their environment  by planting trees and carrying out mass education on the environment for example the Greenbelt Movement in Kenya. Our governments should be resourceful and faithful to the call of duty by repairing broken and burst leakages in our waste drainage  and water drainage systems.

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